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christopher's ramblings

Hi. I'm a game developer, sf fan, occasional musician and artist. I lived in the UK for eight years, but now I'm back in Perth, Western Australia now. Married, lapsed catholic, agnostic tending towards atheism. This account was originally just for commenting on other people's entries, but I seem to have gotten the bug to some degree or other.

If you've seen me out and about you've probably noticed at least one of the hair past my waist, my green hair extensions, or the uber platform-heels I usually wear when I go out dancing at sIn (the goth/industrial nightclub held at Gilks on Murray St most Saturday nights).

This page also seems to be where people rabbit on about their friending policies, so here we go: Let it be known that I use LJ's custom friends groups a fair bit, so if you're here, it doesn't necessarily mean I read your blog all the time (cf Default View on the page linked), nor does it necessarily mean you get to read all of my locked posts (cf faq 24). Try not to read too much into it if you're summarily added or removed with no apparent logic; if you've actually offended me I'll likely tell you. Sometimes I'll stop reading someone's lj for a while just to discourage myself from over commenting.

If you want to know more about my religious beliefs, I did a long post here a few years back. It's still reasonably accurate, though I'm less bitter about some stuff than I once was.